Telemedicine, digital solutions and other topical issues at the “Medbaltica 2022” fair!

Medbaltica 2022, the most important medical fair in the Baltics, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and will take place at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre from 1 to 3 December. The exposition will include the latest medical technologies and innovative materials, medical workwear, medical cosmetics and products for immunity. In addition, this year’s programme of professional events will be the largest in the history of the fair – 15 conferences in total.

“It is gratifying that after two challenging years, the fair is back to its pre-crisis level, both in terms of size and countries represented, and that it will take place for three days. “Medbaltica” is a proven asset, chosen by both experienced Latvian and foreign companies to support their business activities, as well as by new companies looking to strengthen their market position. And there are quite a few of them this year!” says Mārtiņš Druvkalns, project manager of “Medbaltica”.

More than 130 companies from 11 countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden - will present the latest dental, surgical, orthopaedic, rehabilitation, pharmaceutical and other medical technologies, equipment, materials and services. For the first time, the fair will also feature the Czech and Ukrainian national stands, as well as the Polish Embassy stand, where several companies from the sector will be represented together. Conference participants and visitors will be able to learn about the latest products and advanced technologies in medicine, receive professional advice and the best price offers.

Home telerehabilitation

This year, many companies are exhibiting at the fair, offering equipment and products for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. In order to help ensure the continuity of therapy in today’s unpredictable situation, the company BEKA Baltic will showcase an innovation in the rehabilitation sector - the HOMING digital rehabilitation system (TecnoBody, Italy), which can be used for patient assessment and training in a rehabilitation facility, for remote communication, and for training at home.

Hansab will also be demonstrating various technological solutions, including the new Swisslog automated medication storage warehouse for robotic medication sorting and distribution in medical institutions. Many novelties for dental clinics and other medical institutions will be offered by well-known companies such as Aiko Med, Altex, Arbor Medical, Arde Dental, Dentiks, KJ serviss, Recipe Plus, Vlata, Baltic Medservice from Lithuania, the Czech Republic and others.

Improving health for everyone
The fair will not only showcase medical technologies, equipment and materials. It will also be complemented by products that are useful for everyone - oral hygiene products, prevention products, nutritional supplements, medical cosmetics, compression products, rehabilitation products, post-operative compression garments and orthopaedic products, workwear and footwear for medical professionals, all of which will be available at attractive prices.

SpirulinaNord, a company created by two Latvian scientists, will offer tastings and sales of functional foods made with fresh, uncooked spirulina. Fresh spirulina has been shown to absorb four times more nutrients and not lose important antioxidants.

Vorwarts Pharma will present Betargin, the best-selling dietary supplement in Ukraine - an amino acid complex including arginine and betaine. Orto Partneri will present the British brand’s BrushBaby products, necessary for the care of children’s teeth both during and after teething. On the other hand, Scanmed will showcase Incrediwear recovery clothing and accessories for professional athletes to improve performance, pain relief and post-injury care. The Lithuanian company Ortopagalba will present high-quality splints and orthopaedic devices for effective rehabilitation after bone fractures, bruises and inflammation, as well as for injury prevention and post-operative care.

Innovative diagnostic and treatment options
Each day, AS “Veselības centru apvienība” clinics will present a different range of offers for professionals - innovative diagnostic and treatment options and a wide range of complementary services. Representatives of the VCA Neuro Clinic will conduct a unique examination recently available in Latvia - the head impulse test- HIT and the motor evoked potential - MEP examination. VCA Pulss “Veselās acs klīnika” in Ķīpsala will present the latest and most comprehensive laser ophthalmology services for the early diagnosis and treatment of vision, as well as a state-of-the-art option - around-the-clock measurement of eye pressure at home. 

Ukrainian companies also at the fair
Several Ukrainian companies will also participate in “Medbaltica” with the support of BT 1. Bioler, the only producer of dry sunflower lecithin in Ukraine, will be offering lecithin with an extremely high phospholipid content of at least 97%. MedStarCom, a manufacturer of sports rehabilitation equipment, will present innovative cryotherapy chambers, vacuum rehabilitation treadmills and bicycles, lymphatic massage rollers and other devices for rehabilitation and weight loss based on cold and hot therapy technology.

Extensive conference programme

Alongside the fair, 15 conferences will be held, where doctors, dental hygienists, dentists, dental assistants, pharmacists, physiotherapists, endocrinologists, gynaecologists and obstetricians, dietitians and nutritionists, as well as specialists from other medical disciplines, will discuss current issues in person.

Dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants will attend a total of four conferences on all days of the fair, while rehabilitators and physiotherapists will gather in Ķīpsala for three conferences, including 1 December, when the Latvian Association of Physicians Rehabilitologists will host the event for the first time, and on 3 December, also for the first time, the Clinical Conference “Physiotherapy in Latvia 25+2” of the Latvian Physiotherapists’ Association will take place in Ķīpsala.

Covid-19 challenges in medicine have introduced a variety of innovative digital solutions faster than in other sectors, including the growing offer of telemedicine services. Therefore, on 1 December, the place and role of AI in medicine, telemedicine and digitalisation will be discussed at the Latvian Healthcare Employers’ Association conference “Challenges in Healthcare. Digitisation in Healthcare - a Scourge or an Opportunity?”, as well as at the Latvian Nurses Association’s hybrid conference “Innovations in Healthcare” on 3 December.

Application for conferences: on the websites of professional societies and associations. View the full programme here:

“Medbaltica” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.
More about the fair and the events:

Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre, Ķīpsalas iela 8

Fair opening hours:
1-2 December, 9:00-18:00
3 December, 9:00-17:00

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Entry ticket: € 3.00
Parking: € 4.00