K-Laser – the most powerful and compact class IV laser in the market for pain reduction, rehabilitation and physiotherapy

K-laser treats acute and chronic pain, inflammation, improves tissue healing through increased circulatory and metabolic activity. K-Laser is effective in the rehabilitation of athletes, in treatment of fractures, tissues, ligaments, tendons in the post-traumatic and/or post-operative period. A wide range of accessories allows to be adapted to any part of the body.

K-Laser class IV therapeutic laser use different wavelengths and frequencies to produce a photochemical response and create a strong therapeutical reaction. It allows to:
*reduce inflammation, edemas,
*reduce pain, has analgetic function,
*improve blood circulation,
*improve nerve function,
*improve metabolic function,
*accelerate wound healing,
*speed-up recovery of all tissues and bones.

Special offer
For all orders received during the exhibition Medbaltica 2022 – 10% discount and training for your staff free off charge!

Contact information
UAB Vilnijus, representative for Baltic States,
Trinapolio dtr. 3-1010, 08173 Vilnius, Lithuania