Leaseir MHR – the most powerful diode laser in the market!

Leaseir MHR is the most productive and e¬fective diode laser in the market. It‘s Auto mode allows to work with very short and high intensity pulses at 4Hz. Short pulses, high intensity shots at high speed allow ef¬ective hair removal, and this is the main cause of customer satisfaction. Thanks to cooling system, the tip and sapphire off¬er a continuous freezing ef-ect, ensuring a satisfactory treatment.

Official Leaseir distributor UAB Desėja and UAB Deporo will make presentation of most productive and powerful diode laser Leaseir MHR with possibility to use it, to try it and get all specific information about this great hair removal system, made in Spain. In the trade show you will get your special offer to purchase this incredible hair removal system.

UAB Desėja and UAB Deporo are partners who started new project offering the best diode laser for hair removal to the market. After years of market reaserch they have found Leaseir – company, that is at the forefront of laser diode technology for over 18 years. They are committed with the clinics and practices to deliver them a platform that gives them the ability to get the best results in hair removal!

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