A novelty in the world of rehabilitation technology - telerehabilitation and digital

During the exhibition the company BEKA Baltic will demonstrate an innovation in the rehabilitation industry - the digital rehabilitation system HOMING (TecnoBody, Italy), which can be used both for patient assessment and training in rehabilitation facility or for remote communication with patient and training at home. Apart from this product, the company will demonstrate gait training robot Omego Plus (Tyromotion, Austria), which provides patients with gradual verticalization and enables comprehensive training of the lower limbs.

Remote approach to the patient therapy – digital rehabilitation or telerehabilitation

In today’s unpredictable situation, medical professionals and patients face new challenges to ensure the continuity of therapy. A possible solution to these challenges is "home telerehabilitation". In conditions where the patient is able to move actively, telerehabilitation is an excellent solution for optimizing resources. Home telerehabilitation system connects specialist (clinic) with the patient at home, and allows therapist to be present even remotely. It is essential that home system should be as simple as possible for the patient (easy connection, without complicated additional equipment to be placed on the body). Technically, remote therapy is performed by a specialist in the clinic drawing up a therapy plan with therapies at certain times, and the patient remotely connecting to the program to communicate virtually with therapist (similar to Zoom platform). The therapist can remotely check progress of the training, talk to the patient and, if necessary, correct progress of the exercise.

The company BEKA Baltic offers rehabilitation professionals the latest technological support in medical rehabilitation. The company’s cooperation partners are leading manufacturers of rehabilitation technologies in Europe and around the world. Technologies offered by the company include various types of robotic systems, sensory equipment and systems with virtual reality programs, which are used in rehabilitation therapy to ensure a faster and more efficient recovery process for the patient.

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