"Hydrokapillare" – heating technology with a cooling mode in one system

At the exhibition "Māja I 2024" SIA "Hydrokapillar Tech" will demonstrate the energy-efficient heating technology "Hydrokapillare" produced in Latvia, with cooling mode in one system. The company will also present an app developed by the University of Latvia, which can be used to assess heat loss in the building and calculate the reduction of heating consumption, as well as the first "ZEALUX" air-to-water monobloc heat pumps in Latvia with a special discount for exhibition visitors!

"Hydrokapillar Tech" water capillary heating technology "Hydrokapillare" with cooling mode in one system provides:
1) low temperature (+25-32°C) heating, as well as room cooling in the summer season within one system;
2) capillary technology is very compatible with heat pumps as an energy source, but it is also possible to connect to other energy sources (gas, pellet boilers, solar collectors);
3) indoor capillary system + heat pump + solar panels = almost zero energy consumption in the building;
4) high thermal comfort, especially in cooling mode, because there is no cold air flow as in the case of air conditioning, reduced movement of dust and bacteria in the premises.

At the exhibition stand, samples of the capillary mats themselves, as well as their assembly samples in various materials, and other information about the technology will be available. We provide training for potential "Hydrokapillare" system installers to the visitors of the exhibition. "Hydrokapillare" technology elements are produced in Latvia!

At the "Hydrokapillar Tech" exhibition, the IT tool developed by the University of Latvia was also demonstrated, with the help of which everyone has the opportunity to evaluate and calculate the reduction of heating consumption, as well as calculate the necessary large amount of capillaries.

The company also offers various types of heat pumps together with the capillary system. The company is the official representative of "Ariston", "Iglu Tech" and "ZEALUX" heat pumps in Latvia. Information about heat pumps, their installation options together with "Hydrokapillare" technology and the advantages of such a system will be available at the company’s exhibition stand. The exhibition will also present a novelty - the first "ZEALUX" air-to-water monobloc heat pumps in Latvia, with a special introductory price for orders placed during the exhibition!

Website: www.hydrokapillare.eu
Email: info@hydrokapillare.eu
Phone: +371 26348825, +371 29545538