O'WOOD by OŠUKALNS will present a new timber online store

The woodworking brand O’WOOD, created by LTD "OŠUKALNS" in 2020, has proven itself as a competitive brand at the local and international level during its four years of existence.
At the "Māja I 2024" exhibition, we will present our new timber online store, www.owood.lv, specially developed for the Baltic market.

At the exhibition, we will introduce our new online store, which was created and developed especially for the Baltic market, offering sauna sauna cladding materials, facade materials, terrace construction materials and sauna accessories that are popular with our customers.

Also, anyone will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the range of quality terrace decking materials, sauna wall cladding materials and other materials produced by us, in order to build your own well-being oasis for the body and spirit.

It will be possible to meet professionals every day, receive consultations and get to know the features and possibilities offered by our products.

Our sauna products are made from the highest quality aspen and alder obtained in Latvia, intended for both sauna and indoor decoration.

We also offer a wide range of thermal wood products, which are industrially dried to minimum moisture and later smooth planed to obtain a perfect shine. Thermally treated exterior finishing boards serve as an excellent material for finishing exterior, facades and terraces. The design and practical properties of thermally treated material ensure the sustainability and visual uniqueness of the outdoor design chosen by the customer.

O’WOOD by OŠUKALNS is a woodworking brand created in Latvia - Jēkabpils.

LTD "OŠUKALNS" is a company founded in 1993 and its main activity in the woodworking industry since 1995 is the production of sauna cladding materials from hardwood (aspen, black alder) and exporting them to Scandinavia, the United States of America, China, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Vietnam and other countries.

The company carries out a full production cycle - from the selection of the highest quality logs to the packaging of the finished product in thermofilm. It gives an opportunity to fully control the production process, order fulfillment deadlines and ensure product quality, which is recognized as the best on the market by foreign customers in Europe, the USA and Asia.