All-season homes on wheels

Welcome to UniHouse Club, the mobile home club! UniHouse Club is a manufacturer of all-season homes on wheels, fully adapted for use in both summer and winter conditions. UniHouse mobile homes ensure comfortable relaxation anywhere, anytime. Easy transportation, compliance with European travel requirements, and the quality and convenience of use make UniHouse mobile homes indispensable for your journeys. Your dream lifestyle awaits with UniHouse – where every detail is designed to elevate your journey.

5 reasons to choose an all-season, mobile home on wheels:
  • No need for construction permits. It can be placed anywhere, even where traditional construction is not allowed
  • Versatility of use. It can be a permanent residence or used for traveling. Certified by the EU in the road safety directive as a residential vehicle
  • No utility bills
  • Cost-effectiveness. Mobile homes are cheaper than conventional houses
  • Ideal for organizing campsites, glamping sites, or modular type hotels

In comparison to campers, our mobile homes have the following advantages:
  • Suitable for living in winter at temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius
  • Universal connections (sewage, water, and electricity). Can be used with permanent utilities or be completely autonomous
  • Ceiling height like in an apartment. Ideal for tall individuals or those with claustrophobia