Best on feet, easy to clean or good-looking – what would you choose? Flooring trends at trade show Māja I 2024

Flooring for your home is definitely something you choose very carefully to avoid mistakes. What are the current flooring trends? What do you have to consider when choosing flooring? Read this article and come to Ķīpsala on 21-24 March for construction trade fair Māja I 2024 to find out more.

King of fashion: versatile and durable vinyl
Luxury vinyl tiles or LVT is currently one of the most popular flooring materials. LVT has become the market leader due to its high scratch and dent resistance, waterproof qualities and hassle-free installation. Moreover, what makes it appealing is its affordability. Black-and-white checkerboard tiles imitating the chess board pattern are currently leading the fashion trend. However, you can buy vinyl flooring tiles in all sorts of shades and patterns that match your chosen interior design perfectly. For example, Scandinavian-style interior design is best combined with lighter LVT with natural artificial wooden surface patterns, whereas stone or marble imitations are best for highlighting the elegance of classical style. In addition, vinyl floors do not require specifically gentle floor cleaners, their fireproof and nice on bare feet. With Kāgo, Uhh Design and WoodFin Group Oy trade fair Māja I 2024 will give you everything you need to know about vinyl tiles.

Parquet and premium floorboard for those who love classics
Parquet floors are never out of fashion due to huge number of classics lovers. It will last many decades if laid in and maintained properly. “Market is going back to old, time-tested style like herringbone classic English pattern and French chevron. Traditional patterns are highlighted through new treatment techniques that give parquet floors eye-catching new shades,” Aija Ozola, CEO of Parketa nams, says. Wooden floors give room more authenticity that makes it warmer and cozier. To choose the right parquet or floorboard, you should carefully consider what fits the room best. More dense types of wood that are waterproof, such as the Indonesian teak, is best for more humid indoor environments, whereas rooms that are exposed to heavy wear under outdoor footwear will require additional layer of varnish or wax that will protect the floor against mechanical damage. It is important to remember to clean your floors with water solution mixed with liquid wax or special soap to protect the protective layer on top. Come to trade fair Māja I 2024 and stands of Parketa nams, Siguldas kokmateriāli, Koka centrs, Bitus Latvia and VT Timber to get the best expertise on wooden flooring that fits you just right.

Regular floorboard and natural linoleum: environmentally friendly and affordable
If you are environmentally conscious but do not have money for expensive top-end wooden flooring, regular floorboard and natural linoleum might be the right choice for you. Sellers often complement their premium and exotic wood flooring lines with cheaper utilitarian floorboard options. You can find really good bargains if you know your preferred thickness, density and finishing of floorboard for each specific room function. These floor covers can also be reused in other buildings or rooms many years later. However, if you only need to lay in a top layer, you should consider natural linoleum that could be the right choice for you. Natural linoleum is made of natural materials, fabric and linoxyn. Linoleum is green. It is biodegradable and will decompose at the end of its life cycle instead of piling up at the landfill. Those who prefer natural linoleum should clean it carefully, avoiding excess moisture that could potentially permeate micropores and cause damp damage to floor underneath. Like wooden floors, linoleum requires regular maintenance. Come to trade fair Māja I 2024 and stand of Kāgo to get the expertise on pros and cons of linoleum flooring.

Sophisticated and waterproof: stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles

Many consumers are still lured in by the appeal and sophistication of floor tiles that are fully waterproof and stain resistant. Such tiles are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Nevertheless, the glazing is not entirely scratch resistant and can be easily damaged. Matt finish, which is more scratch resistant, will give your tiles a warmer and cozier feel, whereas mosaic floor tiles, from complex geometric patterns of Art Deco to recognisable floral patterns of Art Nouveau, will give your room a special touch. Tiles are easy to clean, however, if you have harder water, you should take care of the limestone that may accumulate on surface. You will have to use microfiber cloth on matt finishing. Owners of stone tiles should refrain from using cleaning liquids that contain acid. Come to trade fair Māja I 2024 and stand of and other exhibiting companies to find the right tiles for your floors.

The leading construction trade fair in the Baltics, Māja I 2024, will take place on 21-24 March at the Ķīpsala Expo Centre, bringing together almost 400 companies from 10 countries with their newest offer this year. More at

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