Consultation on energy efficiencyof multi-apartment buildings, renovation options and co-financing programmes

During the "Māja I 2024" exhibition Riga Municipality Agency "Riga Energy Agency" will provide consultations:

  • Renovation of multi-apartment buildings and aspects of energy efficiency project management
  • Available state and municipal co-financing programmes for building renovation
Visitors of the stand will be able to register for a free of charge thermography to receive an assessment of how to prevent heat loss in a building.

The Agency provides consultations to apartment owners, apartment owners’ associations and building managers of apartment buildings in Riga on the possibilities to participate in apartment building renovation programmes and the procedure for receiving co-financing. Regarding the steps to be taken by the co-operation of apartment owners in order to develop technical documentation, regarding the requirements for the development of energy audit, technical opinion, building certification card, regarding the application for co-financing and participation in the construction process.

The main activities of Riga Energy Agency are: development and updating of long-term energy supply and energy efficiency concepts and programmes, organisation and monitoring of the implementation of these documents; raising funds for energy supply and energy efficiency issues from various investment funds at national and international level; energy certification of buildings and organisation of energy audits of buildings; public information, consultation and training in the field of energy consumption reduction.

More information is available on the Riga Energy Agency website Free of charge consultations are available via or by calling 67012437. Recordings of the seminars are available on the Riga Energy Agency YouTube account.