“Lukons” floor access doors

The exhibition’s visitors, placing order until March 31, 2024, presenting the code EXPOPROMO, will receive discount of EUR 50 for any standard-sized hatch.

A floor access door is a unique home design solution that improves the visual appearance of rooms, beautifully and effectively hiding utility networks, entrances to basements and other underground rooms, while providing free access to them. When the hatch is closed, it is almost impossible to see. If necessary, the hatch cover can be easily opened with a special removable handle. Floor hatch models are available with linear electric actuators or gas springs.

Hatches are suitable for any floor covering: tiles, laminate, parquet and other floors. The hatches we produce are of high quality and easy to use, and their range of sizes is very wide. You can find out more about the features of our products on our websites.

Our company SIA RITONE produces a unique product in the DIY segment - hidden floor access doors.
We produce and sell hatches under our brand LUKONS. SIA RITONE is a Latvian company with 100% Latvian capital. We are the only manufacturer of floor access doors in the Baltics.