Bitus Latvia Ltd.: Reliable and Sustainable Wood Solutions

Visit our stand at the exhibition “Māja I 2024” and explore the best Bitus Latvia Ltd. products: see the innovative ClimaTrend windows; find out what Linax treatment is; have a look at Thermo and Fire Retardant offer, wooden modular houses and high-quality wood pellets.

During the exhibition, we will provide more details about the advantages of ClimaTrend windows, which combine elegance and high energy efficiency. We will tell more about Linax – a treatment method not seen before in Latvia where timber products, in addition to traditional impregnation, are boiled in linseed oil, and will highlight the benefits of this treatment and its advantages in our climate conditions. Visitors will have the opportunity to see our heat-treated wood range and Bitus Fire Retardant – 100% natural and biodegradable flame-suppressant wood.

We will offer our visitors the chance to explore and walk through the largest part of our stand – a modular wooden frame house, which we can manufacture and deliver fully ready for living based on individual projects. We will also provide information about our high-quality wood pellets with high calorific value and low ash content.

Bitus Latvia Ltd is a company with 30 years of experience in the wood processing industry, offering not only a wide range of wood materials but also high-quality wooden windows, doors, garden products, pellets, as well as wooden panel and modular houses.