Get to know the latest HOBOT window cleaner and vacuum cleaner robots!

Famous Taiwan brand HOBOT (manufacturer of window cleaner robots and vacuum cleaner’s robots) presents New products – Window cleaner robot Hobot R3, and one of the best washing/vacuum robots Hobot Legee d8, as well as the opportunity to buy previous years’ models at good prices. During the exhibition, HOBOT brand products can be purchased at special prices.

At the exhibition, we present new robots from HOBOT, compare with older models and competitor brand robots, to help you choose the quality technique in the modern robot market.

Hobot R3 is one of the best and most efficient household window cleaner robot in the world for 2024. It uses Hobot’s patented technologies like automatic ultrasonic spraying, newer generation components and uses only higher quality materials in the production of the robot. With the official brand representative and service center in Latvia, you don’t have to worry about the robot’s warranty options and post-warranty repair options.

Hobot Legee robots are historically the best floor wet cleaners on the market. The latest Hobot Legee D8 model is one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world for the year 2023-24 with a Latvian design and an official representative right here in Latvia. Hobot Legee D8 implements Hobot’s newest patented technologies like crawler drive, double suction (tangless suction) system, nozzle spraying system, best cloth pressing force parameter, two-way movements of all cloth platforms, innovative dust pressing system, cloth washing base Legee LuLu, curtain zone recognition technology, options for adjusting several parameters (suction power, water supply amount, movement speed, cloth movement speed, brush roll movement speed). The LuLu base also have innovative hobot proprietary technologies. But, more detail in exhibition!

LAPTOP is the official and only representative of the HOBOT brand in Latvia, operating in Latvia since 2006.