Zviedrumaja.lv - for the first time in Latvia, standard type precast concrete private houses will be presented

Kilen Baltic will proudly present a revolutionary offering at the "Maja 2024" exhibition - standard type precast concrete private houses. These houses, which have already gained recognition in the Swedish market, are now available in Latvia, offering exceptional quality, energy efficiency, and quick assembly.

The innovative offer combines three different types of houses, tailored to various needs and budgets, ranging from 49 m² to 129 m². Each house is designed with sustainability and aesthetics in mind, ensuring insulation and a finished facade. The precast concrete sector in Sweden boasts long-standing traditions, widely using this technology in both industrial and residential building construction, as well as in the creation of private houses. Kilen Baltic’s recently opened manufacturing complex in Ikšķile is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest quality production. Our range includes wall, plinth, and foundation elements, stairs and stair landings, columns and beams, as well as specific products made to order. 

Why choose us? We offer not only high-quality construction solutions but also full support in project implementation - from idea to finished house. Our experience and knowledge guarantee high standards and customer satisfaction. Visit our stand at the "Maja 2024" exhibition to learn more about our offering and how your dream house can become a reality. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and answer any questions. 

Special offer for exhibition visitors! By visiting our stand at the "Maja 2024" exhibition, you will be able to receive an exclusive discount on any of our standard type precast concrete private house projects. This is a great moment to make acquiring your dream home even more accessible. We also invite you to visit our website Zviedrumaja.lv and follow us on social networks to get the latest news and updates.

Kilen Baltic is a subsidiary in Latvia of the Swedish company Kilenkrysset AB, which opened a new precast concrete manufacturing plant in Ikšķile.