Complete Indoor Climate Solutions by KOMFOVENT

Together with the KOMBI hybrid heating and ventilation unit, at the "Māja I 2024’ exhibition the display will feature an RHP 450 V air handling unit with an integrated heat pump. DOMEKT residential ventilation units for family housing and apartment blocks, as well as a VERSO Pro 2 modular unit for commercial and industrial premises will also be included. 
HEPA air filtration and demand controlled ventilation technology will complement the display.

Showcasing the latest achievements in sustainable and efficient indoor climate solutions, KOMFOVENT will exhibit ventilation, heating, fire safety and air filtration equipment for both residential and industrial applications.

KOMFOVENT has been researching, developing, and manufacturing ventilation system products for over 25 years, crafted and managed by more than 900 dedicated specialists. Uniting a group of 10 companies, KOMFOVENT runs operations across Europe and exports products to more than 40 countries worldwide.