"Kärcher" cleaning equipment for easy & convenient home cleaning!

At the "Māja I 2024" exhibition, the cleaning technology and innovation development giant "Kärcher" will present a wide range of cleaning equipment, with up to a 30% discount for exhibition visitors!

Steam cleaners

The best way to eliminate bacteria and enveloped viruses is also the simplest - hot steam. With "Kärcher" steam cleaners, you can enjoy a clean home, cleaned without chemicals.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners stand out with maximum freedom of movement, high suction power and low weight. "Kärcher" will find the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning both one-room apartments and private houses. Cordless vacuum cleaners are also suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

Robot floor cleaners

"Kärcher" robotic floor cleaners will take care of cleaning the floor for you. Regardless of whether you only need dry cleaning or additional floor washing, you can simply set the cleaning time and route, places in the app for the cleaning robot and focus on other work or leisure.

Hard floor cleaners

Kärcher floor cleaners offer a faster and easier way to clean the floor in one go without vacuuming. Their rotating roller technology ensures that the floors are constantly washed with clean water and the dirt is collected, not pushed around the whole house like with a regular mop. In addition, after cleaning, you can walk on the floors in just two minutes!

Window cleaners

Fast, hygienic and multifunctional, the window cleaner ensures cleanliness without marks and any dirty dripping water. It quickly and efficiently cleans not only windows, but also all smooth surfaces such as stoves, mirrors, shower cabins, doors and tiles.

You can find out about all "Kärcher" products on the company’s website www.kaercher.com/lv/, or in person at the "Kärcher Center" in Riga, Gustava Zemgala gatve 71.

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