Fiberglass composite solution from "Compor"

The COMPOR company’s range of finished products includes a wide assortment of profiles made of fiberglass composite or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics): beams, pipes, plates, railing elements, decks, sidings, brackets for window assembly, structures for cable channels and stairs, etc.

The company COMPOR manufactures railway, port, fish farm and urban infrastructure elements in its production facility: various types of platforms, service platforms and stairs, pedestrian bridges and bridges for various communications, various types of ramps, footbridges, pedestrian crossings and cycle paths, traverses and brackets, protective shields, protective covers , fencing, canopies, systems for mounting solar panels, lighting and viewing towers, hangar structures, anti-noise walls.
Also, the company COMPOR offered to make modern modular houses and buildings.

SIA "COMPOR" - is a manufacturer of fiberglass composite material profiles and structures and a provider of construction services.