PRIEŽAVOTI: wide assortment of timber since 1999

At the exhibition "Māja I 2024", you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the range offered by Siguldas Kokmateriali:

- A wide assortment of finishing boards (exterior, interior, and sauna)
- Floor boards
- Decking
- Certified framing and lathing materials in construction
- Fuel materials (pellets)

Special offers: the lowest prices in Latvia for externally painted finishing boards.

What do we offer?

• With us, you will find a wide assortment of finishing boards suitable for both indoor wall and ceiling coverings and external facades. Our finishing boards are produced from AB class quality material, and with 18% moisture. We offer variations of finishing boards, including half boards, full boards, and angular boards with smooth or raised surfaces. Depending on availability, we offer spruce or pine. As additional services, we offer industrial painting, fire treatment, impregnation, antiseptics, aging, and fire burning. We can also execute special orders with different types of profiles according to the customer’s wishes, provided the order is large enough.

• We offer our customers decking and floorboards made from AB class quality spruce and pine. These boards are dried to 18% moisture, and planed smoothly during processing. We provide decking boards with a grooved surface designed for anti-slip treatment, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. To increase the service life of the material, each of our boards incorporates stress-compensating grooves, and we also perform impregnation to ensure longevity and resistance to various types of damage. Our floorboards feature compensating grooves on the bottom for improved ventilation, significantly extending their service life. They can be placed directly on the logs or the black floor. Before laying, allow them to stand for 2 weeks in a heated room on spacers. We also offer floorboards with end splines, which facilitate the laying process.

• The construction lumber we offer is available in various sizes—width, thickness, and length. For lathing purposes, we provide both dried, planed boards graded as C24 and C16 (without a certificate for auxiliary structures), as well as non-dried and freshly sawn materials. Laths we offer dried, planed, impregnated, and freshly sawn raw materials for framing. As an additional service, we offer impregnation treatment.
The timber we offer is produced right here in Latvia, in Sigulda by SIA ’PRIEŽAVOTI’. Sawn materials are prepared in different sizes - widths, thicknesses, and lengths, with some of them processed by drying, planning, and impregnation. We also offer fresh raw lumber. Our range includes floorboards, decking, decking boards, laths, thin boards, and both planed and unplanned timber. We can guarantee that we provide timber of excellent quality, as we are a growing family company that has accumulated experience since 1999. The knowledge passed down through generations in the production of timber contributes to increased attention to the quality of our developed materials. 

What makes us different? We are a family business, so we are personally available for each customer’s order.

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