JPMK CLT Factory

“SIA Jēkabpils PMK” produces CLT slabs, which are panels of cross-glued boards for fast, ecological and clean construction.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) – The most modern ecologically oriented cross-laminated timber construction technology.
In Europe, for more than 20 years, construction contractors have been successfully operating in the field of CLT technology, which meets all modern architectural and design standards. At the moment, eco-building and CLT technology are in the topicality of European construction - like no other, they provide the most direct support for ecological construction.

CLT panels are made from coniferous species - spruce and pine - which contain resins that contain phytoncides - biologically active substances that are present in pine and spruce sap and suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and protozoa. In such conditions, children develop faster, people live longer, but people who lead an active way of life do it even more actively!

• CLT panels do not freeze like concrete, but are just as monolithic material.
• CLT panels have very good heat resistance properties because the material is very dense.
• CLT panels can be used not only in partition covers, but also in mezzanine covers as load-bearing structures. They can also be separate as mezzanine covers in buildings of other technologies.
• Very good sound insulation properties. More than 50% better sound deadening compared to parallel-glued wood panels. (used in the construction of concert halls).
• CLT material has almost no burning properties due to its density. In the event of a fire, only the obvious layer of wood catches fire, this is explained by the more difficult access of oxygen to each subsequent layer of the board, slowly charring the board retains its load-bearing properties for up to 2 hours.
• CLT panels are used in addition to the construction of floors in existing buildings, without creating excessive load on the foundations in relation to other materials used for this purpose.
• CLT panels are easy and quick to assemble, they have a clear margin of durability and safety.
• CLT panels are seismically stable.
• The impact of rodents on the CLT panel is minimal because due to the cross-glued technology, the pest cannot gnaw the perpendicular wood layer.
• CLT boards have combined finishing options, both inside and outside.

By using CLT in construction, more usable area is obtained. Architects and clients have the opportunity to choose almost any architectural style. CLT technology is used in the construction of both private and multi-storey public buildings - in the construction of concert halls, public institutions, kindergartens and other buildings, because their construction and operation is more ecological and people feel more comfortable in them.

CLT – “organic concrete”

We have proven ourselves as performers of wide-profile industrial, residential, administrative building construction and renovation works, as performers and managers of parish, company and house road construction works not only in Jēkabpils, but also in other cities and counties of Latvia.