"Anima libra" offers unique "Hoymiles" microinverters for solar power plants

SIA "Anima libra" will present the the "Hoymiles" microinverters and their advantages for solar panel systems at the exhibition "Māja I 2024", as well as offer application for the complete installation of a solar power plant from design to integration with "Sadales tīkls".

Hoymiles microinverters offer several advantages over traditional string inverters:
- Each solar panel is electrically independent with its own MPPT
- Direct current is converted to alternating current instantly, reducing losses and increasing system safety
- A decentralized system that does not have a single point of failure.
- Maximum efficiency at the optimal price.

"Anima libra" has offered the complete solution for solar power plants since 2010, and is also the official distributor of "Hoymiles" microinverters in Latvia.