Foundations for your home from "Tetralia"

We offer quick and inexpensive installation of screw pile (helical pile) foundation for your modular house, wooden frame or other building.

Screw piles are economical and technologically suitable foundation for wooden buildings, and for buildings on weak soils. In addition, the installation is quick. Now, in Latvia, buildings below 60m2 can be built with less bureaucracy, and with building lead times as low as a couple of months, foundation installation in 1-2 days is a normal part of the process. Besides for 1-2 storey buildings we use 3.5 excavator, that allows us to not destroy roads and landscape around the building. As we are EN1090 certifies, we offer all our products with CE mark and DoP.

SIA Tetralia is a certified producer of load bearing steel structures, and the biggest producer of screw piles in the Baltic states. We export our products all over EU, and offer installation outside of Latvia.

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