Modern ovens, stoves, and heating equipment at the "CEPLIS.EU" stand!

Familiarise yourself with the products of "Ceplis V.S." at the exhibition "Māja I 2024" - high-quality wood burning stoves, furnaces and heat storage furnaces from various European manufacturers.

The high-quality, economical and durable heating systems offered by "CEPLIS.EU" ensure independence from external socioeconomic conditions. They also create a homely cosiness - the warmth of a live fire. Be your own master and save 15-20% of the current heating costs by choosing and installing one of the devices from the "CEPLIS.EU" catalogue:

- Wood burning stoves
- Wood burning stoves with central heating system
- Wood burning furnaces
- Wood burning furnaces with central heating system
- Heat storage furnaces
- Wood burning central heating boilers

"CEPLIS.EU" offers individualized technical solutions for the installation of heating systems. Visitors of "Māja I 2024" will have a special offer for wood stoves and stoves with a discount of up to 200.00 EUR from store prices.

"CEPLIS.EU" provides the highest quality heating equipment from modern European manufacturers - Bulgarian "ZVEZDA", Italian "TERMOROSSI", "La Valmarecchia" and "LINCAR" and Serbian "ABC PROIZVOD".

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