CITA SANTEHNIKA - 1. Official Dealer of ARISTON Heat Pumps in Latvia

At the "Māja I 2024" exhibition, at the stand of Ariston heat pumps, it will be possible to view the novelties: "Ariston Lydos Hybrid", which is a unique water heater that worked on the principle of a heat pump. Among the unique "exhibits" will be "Ariston Velis WiFi" - the thinnest water heater in the world!

Learn from the company’s specialists how to install home heating in such a way that it is as environmentally friendly as possible and at the same time reduces daily costs?
"Ariston Nimbus" air-water heat pumps, "Ariston" water heaters with heat pumps, as well as electric water heaters will be on display at the exhibition. Find out also about the installation and service possibilities of the mentioned devices.

An air-water heat pump is a heating appliance that uses energy stored in the environment to produce heat. The principle of operation of a heat pump is the same as that of a refrigerator, only in reverse - the refrigerator moves heat from the inside to the outside, but the heat pump does it the other way around: from the outside to the inside.

Ariston heat pump models work in both directions and can provide both heating in winter and cooling in summer. The energy produced by the heat pump can be used for the heating of premises and water heating throughout the year. The heat pump uses electricity to run compressors and circulation pumps. Depending on the outdoor temperature and the type of heating system, the heat pump produces 3-5 times more energy than it consumes. Put simply, heat from renewable energy sources uses 1 kW of electricity to produce between 3 kW and 5 kW of heat.

CITA SANTEHNIKA has been the official representative of Ariston since 1996.
Our company’s experts will help you to find the most suitable heat pump model for you, choose a certified installer according to your location, and provide the highest level of service as well as a full 5-year warranty for the equipment!