"Traidenis": domestic wastewater biological treatment equipment for private homes

Lithuanian company UAB Traidenis in exhibiton „Māja I 2024“ will present one of customers favorites products – NV type biological treatment plants of domestic wastewater for private houses. 

Technologically developed body of the plant, technological process, optimal expenses for fitting the system, and reliable operation ensure long-term operation of the plant and long service life for Your comfortable living.
Constant development of this product based on the most up to date technologies, and long-term practice conditioned the fact that more than 50 000 households in Lithuania and foreign countries have chosen this type of the plant.

NV type biological domestic wastewater treatment plant that conforms with all requirements of the EC directive 89/106/EEC and standard EN 12566-3:2005+A2:2013, and is marked with a sign of “CE”.

Also UAB Traidenis offer:

Wastewater treatment equipment:
• Biological wastewater treatment plants for private house
• Biological wastewater treatment plants for townships up to 10 000 PT
• Oil, grease separators
• The system of oil product collection in railways
• Industrial wastewater treatment equipment
• Pump stations

• Vertical and horizontal tanks
• Underground and overground tanks
• Single skin and multiple skin tanks
• Chemically resistant tanks
• Tanks for storage of fuel
• Tanks for drinking water
• Thermo-insulated tanks
• Scrubbers
• Modular tanks up to 5000 m3
• Firewater reservoirs

Thermo - pool:

Closed recirculating system for fish farming

During the exhibition there will be possibility to receive information regarding all company UAB Traidenis products and get qualified consultation.

UAB Traidenis
Pramonės str. 31B, LT-62175 Alytus, Lithuania
Tel. +370 315 78263