Meffert AG Farbwerke - 30 years in Latvia

Meffert Baltica at exhibition "Māja I 2024", a daughter company of Meffert AG Farbwerke, offers to celebrate together their 30 years of presence on the Latvian and Baltic market.

Brands such as Dufa, Tex-Color have been known in Latvia since the spring of 1994, when the first products were delivered to Nelss stores in March-April and the Tex-Color store-warehouse in Riga opened. Later, with the opening of the first Depo store, these brands were joined by Supernova, currently the most popular of our brands. New versions of Dufa Hammerlack anti-corrosive paints, new colour shades for the popular Decogranit mosaic render will be presented at the exhibition. Meffert Baltica will also present a new addition to the Supernova range: Silicon Fassadenfarbe for mineral surfaces. The company will also be talking about the advantages of Biopin natural paints in Latvia.

Meffert Baltica UAB, a daughter company of the German paint manufacturing group Meffert AG Farbwerke, is based in Marijampole, Lithuania, where the production and warehouse facilities are located.