Green roof solutions from Green Urban

At the exhibition, the company Green Urban will present various green roof systems and tree root protection systems.

In urban environments, trees and green roofs are very important. They improve the air quality, reduce both the air temperature as well as the temperature of hard surfaces and they manage stormwater. In addition, the trees and greenery increase air humidity and creates biological diversity in the urban environment. The attention we pay to the condition of the soil so that the trees can survive will later be rewarded with a long life for the trees. Green roofs help the existing rooftop covering to last longer, specifically up to 3 times as long.

Green roofs also serve as heat insulation, prevent the building from overheating in the summer, and also reduce the load on sewers up to three times. The tree root protection system will be on display at the exhibition where company’s experts will explain everything about the system, as well as showcase a green roof prototype.

Green Urban is one of the companies that offers all kinds of green roofs, tree root protection systems and underground water management products. They offer the best products as solutions for sustainable city.
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