INTAR-SIJA presents new products:
- TRESPA® - high-quality finish HPL panels for ventilated facades!
- LSB from BONZANO - an innovative panel used in furniture manufacturing, automotive, and shipbuilding.

TRESPA® offers high-quality HPL panels for finishing with a wide selection of colors and textures, allowing for unique design solutions. This material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and weather conditions, making it an excellent choice in extreme conditions.
TRESPA® is the perfect material for creating beautiful and durable facades, walls, roofs, and balconies, as well as interior finishing elements.

FENIX NTM® is a material created using nanocoating technology, which ensures surface smoothness, scratch, and fingerprint resistance, as well as chemical and high-temperature resistance. The matte surface of FENIX NTM® comes in a wide range of colors, allowing for personalized designs for interiors and exteriors, including the production of kitchen tables, shelves, and other interior items.

Bloom Core from ARPA INDUSTRIALE® is an HPL material made from natural fibers. Bloom Core is easy to process and can be used in various design and construction projects such as wall and partition panels, doors, furniture, and other items. The product is made from durable materials using environmentally friendly methods based on the use of lignin.

Italian company ICRO sets the standard in the production of finishing materials, offering high- quality products for interior and exterior applications. They manufacture high-quality oils, varnishes, paints, and coatings that are produced in compliance with safety and environmental standards.

TABU offers colorful and unique wooden floors. A wooden floor can become the foundation for a beautiful interior, making it elegant and distinctive. TABU’s stained laminated panels are tinted throughout their entire structure and thickness, preserving the wood’s structure and ensuring excellent color uniformity and rhythm. The range includes dozens of wood species with hundreds of di?erent shades.

SFS offers a wide range of door and window hinges. Their products are made from durable and resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting use for each hinge. The manufacturer offers a variety of types and sizes of hinges, allowing for solutions to be found for a wide range of doors and windows.

LAMBERT produces high-quality furniture profiles that give the furniture a unique design. With over 30 years of experience in the market, the company consistently guarantees high-quality products and a professional approach to each customer.

Italian manufacturer BONZANO offers the world’s first LSB-type panels, which are used to make doors, furniture, and cabinets. They are also used in industries such as shipbuilding, yacht building, and the automotive industry. LSB panels are available with various bases: natural finish, laminate, melamine, and classic pure base.

Kleiberit is a German manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial adhesives for various industries. Kleiberit adhesives are prepared using modern technologies and meet high-quality standards.

They are used in wood processing, furniture manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding, textile industry, and other industries. Kleiberit offers a wide range of adhesives suitable for bonding various materials.

DL Chemical is a Belgian company that develops and manufactures high-quality solutions for bonding and sealing. The company offers a wide range of silicone colors, MS polymer, hybrid sealants, acrylic sealants, polyurethane sealants, mounting foams, and adhesives.

AVONITE® is a material from American manufacturer Aristech Surfaces® that produces solid surface acrylic coatings that combine aesthetics and high performance. They are hygienic, suitable for thermoforming, and non- porous, and their thin light- transmitting capacity creates an intriguing play of light. They are ideal for creating beautiful and functional surfaces for both commercial spaces and home interiors.

INTAR-SIJA has been providing a wide range of high-quality materials in Latvia for over 25 years. We take pride in our reputation and innovative products, which attract new designers, builders, and furniture manufacturers every day. Customer comfort is important to us, which is why we offer delivery throughout Latvia. Our priority is to create long-term relationships with customers, helping them find solutions for a variety of projects.