House I 2023: one step closer to the goal!

Will you build your house yourself or buy one? Whatever your choice may be, you will find help at the House I 2023 construction fair, which will be held in Ķīpsala on 23–26 March. You can get professional advice, choose construction materials, equipment, and tools, or find a contractor to make the dream of building your home come true: from an idea, to moving in!

Across four days, more than 350 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Romania will present their latest products and services in the two halls and outdoor exhibition of the fair.

Build or remodel it yourself
The fair’s participants will offer everything you may need to build or remodel a house: construction and finishing materials, heating and ventilation equipment, tools, work clothes and shoes, electric wiring and lighting gear, plumbing products, doors, windows, roofing, cleaning gear, gates, fences, saunas, landscaping products, and so much more.

They will include some of the leading brands, suppliers, and distributors: Bauroc, Attēls R, Cita Santehnika, Viessmann, RIKON AC,, , RAVAK BALTIC, Jøtul, CEWOOD, Vomer Agro, Ferrus, Elements, Profcentrs, Salon AIS, Hörmann Baltic, Watex, Orac Decor, KĀGO, Weis A, Robert Bosch, Husqvarna Latvija, VIRTE Technologies, Kourasanit BS, ND Doors, JB SunPower, and many others.

There will be a particularly broad range of different roofing materials for pitched and flat roofs. These will be brought by companies such as Toode, Eroof, Vinteko, ‘Dakstiņu ražotājs’, BMI Latvija, LEBENS, Laroof, Skārda Serviss, Zulak Wood Latvia, EPDM Shop, Spanish Slate Quarries, and others.

Let others do the building
Those who prefer buying a house instead of building one will be able to meet various pre-fab house manufacturers at the fair, get answers to their questions, learn about the technologies and materials used, compare their offers, and get a chance to take a tour of a few pre-made houses. Somu Māja, Silver Standart Houses, MODUL 3, UPPE,, ‘VIA-S houses’, Scandi, Zogal House,, and others will join the fair for the first time. In addition, since last year, Rebalt Modular Systems has not only been making detached houses, but also apartment wooden-frame buildings. LABAMĀJA, a company renowned among its clients, will offer to handle the construction of a masonry house from A to Z!

Building or buying a house is one of the biggest and most important purchases a person makes in their life, so it is particularly important to know your financing options well. At the fair, you will be able to get advice from financial specialists from Luminor and SEB banks. Luminor’s house consultations will help you determine the correct steps to take towards owning your house. You will find out what financing options are available, how to raise money for the deposit, what ALTUM assistance programmes are out there and how they work, and other important aspects worth knowing and considering before buying land and building a house. The banks’ representatives will also offer advice on assistance mechanisms for improving the energy efficiency of your house or installing solar panels.

Meanwhile, the insurance company BTA will provide free consultations on any type of insurance, policy coverage, and risks that their insurance covers. Also at the fair, BTA will offer information about solar panel insurance options. Find out how to avoid needless worries and expenses!

Renovating a building and energy efficiency
As usual, the Ministry of Economics and the partners of the Let’s Live Warmer! (‘Dzīvo siltāk’) campaign will provide information about how to correctly renovate buildings, about various energy efficiency solutions and their benefits, and about maintaining these solutions after the renovation, to building managers, as well as flat and house owners. You will also learn about assistance for the renovation of buildings provided by EU funds and the government.

During the four days of the fair, its guests will get to meet experts from the Ministry of Economics, State Fire and Rescue Service, Latvian Environment Investment Fund, AS ’Sadales tīkls’, Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre, ALTUM development finance institution, and Consumer Rights Protection Centre at the Let’s Live Warmer! Booth. There will also be representatives of various non-government organisations operating in the construction industry, including the Latvian Structural Engineer Union, the Association of Management and Administration of Latvian Housing, the Association of Latvian Door and Window Manufacturers, Latvian Union of Roofers, and the Association of Manufacturers of Construction Materials. On 23 and 24 March, there will be a chance to talk to experts from the Ministry of Climate and Energy, and on 24 March, there will be meetings with experts from ‘Latvijas standarts’, ‘Publiskais aktīvu pārvaldītājs “Possessor”’, and the State Revenue Service.

Seminars and presentations
As an addition to the diverse and extensive features of fair, it will include a few seminars and presentations. On 24 March, at 10:00, the Association of Management and Administration of Latvian Housing and the Ministry of Economics will hold the seminar ‘Ways to improve the energy efficiency of apartment buildings and current topics in building management’ for building managers and flat owners.

In order to help people understand what installing a heat pump involves, ‘Apkures kalti’ will have two presentations on the first day of the fair, 23 March, going through the entire process: connecting, starting up, and operating a heat pump. On 24 March, at 12:00, Kronospan, Latvian Designers’ Society, and Attēls R will offer a presentation about this year’s new decor collection and trends in interior design trends.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, 26 March, at 12:00, the Education, Culture, and Innovation Project Association will organise the seminar ‘Heating that is good for human health and the environment: practical tips on what fuels and heating equipment to choose, how to operate it correctly, and to get co-financing for its replacement’.

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Fair opening hours:
23–25 March 10:00–18:00
26 March 10:00–17:00

Ticket prices:
Entry ticket: EUR 5
University students, seniors, people with disabilities: EUR 4
Schoolchildren: EUR 3.50
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children under 18; or 1 adult and 3 children): EUR 13
Parking space: EUR 5

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