Long burning solid fuel boilers STROPUVA, LIEPSNELE, ECONOTERM

During the exhibition “Māja I 2023” the company “Intra-Serviss” (booth number C16) will offer long-burning solid fuel boilers STROPUVA and, as a novelty, pellet boilers with class 5 certificate (A +) LIEPSNELE - long-burning solid fuel boilers with 3 doors and an ashtray. Special discounts are available for visitors to the exhibition.

The only representative of STROPUVA in Latvia – SIA „Intra-Serviss” will present unique long burning solid fuel boilers in exhibition „ Māja I 2023” (stand number C16).

For the eighteenth year now, we have been successfully manufacturing solid fuel boilers. When fully loaded, burning lasts up to 30 hours.

In year 2007 manufacturing of new generation universal long burning boiler have been started. Such boilers can be fired with coal, firewood, sawdust, wood chips, sawdust briquettes, peat briquettes and other types of fuel. When loaded with coal, the burning time is about 7 days, which is especially convenient if you leave the house for a longer time.

Currently are available also improved long-burning heating boilers LIEPSNELE, which have a 3-door model with an ashtray. It is also convenient to place the small amount of fuel in these models and remove the ash with an ashtray, not with a scoop, which reduces the amount of dust when cleaning the ash. EKONOTERM long-burning boiler models provide similar functions. Boilers LIEPSNELE have a certificate of the fifth class (?+).

In 2015, the boiler have been once more improved, this time with pellet burners and containers, thus making the boiler multifunctional and unique without any analogues in the market. Regardless of which solid fuel is used, it is consumed in long burning process, which makes everyday life a lot more convenient.

During the exhibition there will be a possibility to receive information regarding all solid fuel boiler models.

Company “Intra” deals with both - production and trade of gas equipment, represents factories of many European countries, such as Stropuva, Madas, Baltur, Coprim, Fiorentini, Plasson, Pipelife, Ravetti, Intergaz, Weba and others.

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