Construction of an autonomous heating system for private houses

Company Project 2050 will install a high-quality air-to-water heat pump and solar panels, which will make your home autonomous (with electricity, heat, hot water), and save up to 20% on utilities. For all new customers we give a welcome bonus - 5% discount on the entire heating system.

Sprsun has been on the market for more than 20 years, the company specializes in heat pumps, and products, today, are represented in more than 60 countries.

Air-to-water heat pumps from the manufacturer Sprsun are widely used in Europe, mainly for heating and hot water preparation. They have become popular due to: high energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, remote monitoring and affordable price.

The equipment is equipped with an EVI Panasonic compressor and Italian Carel electronics in most models. Thus, we can offer our Clients high-quality equipment at reasonable prices.

Sprsun heat pumps can operate at outdoor temperatures down to -30C, effectively providing heating, hot water and air cooling while consuming an acceptable amount of energy.

Advantages of air-to-water heat pumps:
- Remote control via WiFi
- the possibility of combining with alternative heat sources (gas, pellets, firewood)
- installation with solar panels
- low operating costs due to compressor inverter control. Compressor speed adjustable according to heat/cold demand

Air-to-water heat pump operating modes:
- Heating, the thermal energy generated by freon compression is transferred through a heat exchanger (condenser) to fan coil units, radiator systems or underfloor heating. The operation of the heat pump is also continuous.
- preparation of hot water, occurs by switching the three-way valve, changing the flow of the coolant. Sanitary water is subject to heating by transferring thermal energy through a coil in a boiler and is used by people for domestic needs.
- cooling is carried out through the heat exchanger of the indoor unit (evaporator). The evaporator cools the coolant, which subsequently enters the fan coil unit to create a comfortable temperature. In this case, the circulation pump runs continuously.

Technical characteristics of the SPRSUN heat pump and the commercial offer can be obtained at the exhibition stand, place A-16. We will be glad to see you!

Project 2050 SIA (registration number 40103844142) is the exclusive representative of SPRSUN in Latvia! The company employs a team of professionals with 15 years of experience in heating systems. In 2022, Project 2050 SIA installed SPRSUN heat pumps and provided more than 100 homes with heat and hot water!

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