Low-temperature water capillary heating technology Hydrokapillare® with a cooling mode in one system

During the exhibition, it will be possible to get acquainted with the particularly energy-efficient low-temperature heating technology Hydrokapillare® with cooling mode in one system.

Components for the Hydrokapillare® technology are produced in Latvia!

New product showcase – capillary mats suitable for use in cooling of PV panels, in greenhouses or other outdoor applications will be demonstrated during the exhibition.

During the exhibition, an IT tools developed by the University of Latvia will be demonstrated, with the help of which everyone has the opportunity to estimate and plan the reduction of heating consumption, as well as to calculate the necessary amount of capillary mats.

SIA Hydrokapillar Tech is the official representative of the Italian company’s Ariston heat pumps in Latvia, and information about Ariston heat pumps, their installation options together with Hydrokapillare® technology and the advantages of such a system will be available at the stand.

After filling out our questionnaire, visitors of the exhibition stand have the opportunity to receive a voucher for a 10% discount on the purchase of Hydrokapillare® and Ariston heat pumps within the next 12 months!

Low-temperature capillary heating technology Hydrokapillare® with cooling mode in one system that provides:
1) low temperature (+25-32C) heating, as well as room cooling in the summer season within one system;
2) capillary technology is ideally compatible with heat pumps as an energy source, but it is also possible to connect to other energy sources (gas, pellet boilers, solar collectors);
3) indoor capillary system + heat pump + solar panels = almost zero energy consumption in the building;
4) high thermal comfort, especially in cooling mode, because there is no cold air flow as in the case of air conditioning, reduced movement of dust and bacteria in the premises.

Samples of the capillary mats themselves, as well as their installation examples using various materials, and other information about the technology will be available at the exhibition stand.

The University of Latvia, in cooperation with SIA Hydrokapillar Tech, is implementing the project: "Development and approval of complex solutions for optimal inclusion of radiant capillary heat exchangers in almost zero energy building systems and reduction of primary energy consumption for heating and cooling" (No. The project is co-financed by REACT-EU funding for mitigating the consequences of the pandemic crisis.

SIA “Hydrokapillar Tech” offers a full range of services for the implementation of a particularly energy-efficient and innovative water capillary mat heating and cooling system – from system design to its implementation and service, as well as supply and installation of optimally efficient energy sources (heat pumps, gas condensing boilers, etc.) with capillary systems.

Institute of Numerical Modelling University of Latvia have long time expertise in numerical modelling of complex technological and building physics processes.