“BIOODM” – heating system for Smart home

BIODOM offers an exhibition of heating systems and their automation solutions. Demo system prezentation, consultations and customer services are available during the fair.

The manufacturer of BIODOM pellet heating equipment offers you to familiarize yourself with the demo installation of a smart home heating system. During the exhibition, a combined heating system with several heating devices (pellet boiler, heat pump and solar collector) and their control options will be exhibited.

News! New and inovative model BD27A, with multi heating zone and multi heating unit control support, convenient touch screen control panel and cloud support function.

Biodom 27, SIA specializes in the production of heating equipment and provides automation solutions. We offer salles, project development and after-sales service of pellet heating equipment and combined heating systems

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Address: Berģi, Rīgas Siguldas šoseja 3B