MinMoHome – Minimal Mobile Homes

Unique opportunity to see in person the MinMoHome modular house, created in Latvia, using high-quality architectural and design solutions. Special emphasis has been placed on the solutions of modern glazed constructions - sliding doors with minimal frames built into the wall, 4-glass insulated glass unit and a special novelty will be presented – a lifting glazed wall equipped with hydraulics created by us.

Minimalism. Mobility. Home.

These three words are combined by the MinMoHome concept as one of the possible lifestyle choices in today’s fast-paced and changing world.

Minimalism in solutions and dimensions allow one to feel free and not to overload living space with unnecessary items. This also includes minimalistic customer’s involvement in the complex construction process. Mobility has become a part of everyday life. Why wouldn’t the building become a movable property, accompanying an owner until finding the right place? The concept of the building itself is to be mobile as it can be developed gradually - step by step, module by module, thus arriving at the right size and concept of customer’s life.

Home is a place where we regain strength and confidence, thus homes that are bright, open, simple, and beautiful serve the purpose perfectly.

The MinMoHome house concept presents itself distinctively as a transition from living in an apartment to one’s own independent living space, as a holiday home in nature or a home for elderly age.

Ltd "UPPE" has been operating in Latvia and Scandinavia since 2009. The production base, with an area of 2000 m2, is located in Brankas, Jelgava county. More than 50 employees are employed. The most important glazed project references – Hanzas Perons, VIZIUM in Ventspils, Mežaparks Stage of the Song Festival glazing.

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