New 36 m2 modular house project from Rebalt

You will be able to see the news - Rebalt 40 demo all-season modular house. The house is characterized by 36 m2 of living space, high ceilings, quality materials and minimalist design. There will be a special offer to buy a demo house.

Meet the Rebalt team during the exhibition and find out:

• how to realize the dream of your own house in 4 weeks
• which modular houses are available immediately from the warehouse
• what materials and finishing solutions are used in the production of houses
• What is the range of modular houses and services offered by Rebalt
• What is the production time for an individual house to order
• delivery and payment options.

Rebalt offers both summer and all-season standard modular house projects of various sizes, as well as the development of individual projects for private homes and businesses.

Extensive personalization options when purchasing a home with a unfinished or full finish.

For a sense of security about the right choice, the home is guaranteed for 5 years.

The design is inspired by the most current trends in the design of modern houses and following the Scandinavian minimalist design style.

At the factory in Tukums, you can see a wide range of modular houses, available immediately from the warehouse, and choose the house that is most suitable for you.

The highest quality materials are used in the production.

The range of Rebalt modular houses, the ability to fulfill any customer’s wishes, the sincere service and the high quality of the houses are the values that Rebalt house owners value and recommend Rebalt to their friends.

Rebalt Modular Systems SIA is one of the most experienced manufacturers of wooden frame modular houses in Latvia, founded in 2013 and located in Tukums.

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