2G will offer greenhouses and patios

2G - Official Gampre representative in the Baltic States - will offer greenhouses and patios that will allow you to live without worries!

Smart SANUS aluminum frame greenhouses covered with 6mm polycarbonate, made only in EU approved factories. These greenhouses have automatic skylights that will allow you to keep the air fresh in the greenhouse without your help.

Also, we can offer, maintenance-free roofs REGIUM. Those are made of aluminum and powder-coated, so the color does not change, does not peel. Looks aesthetically pleasing for many years. Roofing- 16mm channel polycarbonate or 10mm tempered glass. The most popular roofing material for customers is white polycarbonate. There is no visible dirt on it, it provides excellent protection from the sun!

E-mail: info@gampre.lt