StoneREX – facade and construction boards

Company „Centene Pro” OU will present cement-bonded and cement-fiber boards under trademark „StoneREX” , with various surfaces and treatments, in use for ventilated facades systems and various construction works.

Ventilated facade with StoneREX high quality facade boards is one of the most demanded modern technologies of external walls, representing a high-performance system, which guarantees the protection of walls from external influences. StoneREX offers facade boards painted in more then 5000 colors, or coated with natural stonechips in 16 different colors, als mass-colored cement-fiber boards with various colors, treatments and surfaces. Our boards can be used as for new buildings and for the reconstruction progress of the old ones StoneREX facade boards are strong and resistant against wear and mechanical impact, they are frost and moisture resistant, maintenance-free and preserve their good appearance for many years.

Our representatives will indroduce You and share with experience with all needed information, samples, technical info, and will answer for all needed questions.