CEWOOD – wall and ceiling finishing panels produced in Latvia

CEWOOD will showcase Latvian-made, world-renowned wood wool panels at building fair House I 2022. We will advise on the use of panels in the finishing of ceilings and walls, on their acoustic absorption properties and other advantages, as well as introduce with the finished projects.

CEWOOD produces its wall and ceiling panels in Latvia out of 100% natural raw materials, which ensure acoustic comfort, good indoor climate, fire resistance, physical durability, fast installation, good price and aesthetically attractive final outcome. Panels are widely used in facilities such as educational institutions, public buildings, sports facilities, offices and private homes. CEWOOD factory is located in Jaunlaicene, Alūksne municipality, while our office/warehouse with a wide show-room is located in Riga, Daugavgrīvas šoseja 1.

CEWOOD Ltd is a 100% Latvian owned company, currently the company employs more than 100 employees.

CEWOOD has successfully taken over and continues to develop more than 55 years of tradition in the production of wood wool panels in Latvia.

Founded in 2015, CEWOOD is the only manufacturer of wood wool panels in the Baltic States and one of the leading companies in the industry worldwide.