House I 2022 fair - for big and small construction

On 24–27 March the House I 2022 construction fair will take place in Ķīpsala, for everyone who is or plans to be involved in construction, so that they can go through its entire process, and find what they need at every stage. Use this opportunity to discover the latest technologies and solutions in construction, as well as to get professional advice and special offers!

The two halls and outdoor exhibition will include the latest offers by more than 280 companies from the Baltics, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, the UK, Romania and Japan. The fair’s participants will include leading manufacturer brands, direct distributors and major retailers of construction materials, as well as government and non-government organisations.

Bauroc, Pata Timber, Salons Elements, AttēlsR, ‘AM studio’, Dewalt, Makita, Cerva, ‘Silmani elekter’, Jung, Vincents Polyline, ReBalt, Via-s, are only some of the companies that will join House I 2022 to present everything one might need to build and renovate a home, including construction and finishing materials, tools, work clothing and footwear, electric wiring and lighting equipment, plumbing, water treatment equipment, gates, fences, pre-fabricated module houses and saunas, and much more.

This year’s remarkable variety of products will include heating systems and equipment, house insulation solutions and solar panels, presented by companies such as SB Solar, ‘INTREX serviss’, Rikon AC, Divine Heat Company, JB SunPower and others. Monier, Toode, Eroof, ‘Dakstiņu ražotājs’ and Spanish Slate Quarries will offer a broad selection of roofing products.

The Pro-invest Group real-estate investment firm from Romania will join House I for the first time. New local participants include Armus construction machinery, S&E PRO electric wiring and installation services, as well as the services of the Home-r detached house construction portal. Our neighbours will also bring something new, with water treatment equipment by Stelo!

Consultations about quality construction and renovation of buildings
Ministry of Economics and the partners of the Let’s Live Warmer! (‘Dzīvo siltāk’) communication campaign will provide information about the correct renovation of buildings and their maintenance post-renovation to building managers, as well as flat and house owners. Their booth at the fair will also be a place to find out about the currently available and planned EU fund and government support for building renovation.

During the four days of the fair, its guests will get to meet experts from the Ministry of Economics, the State Fire and Rescue Service, and the Consumer Rights Protection Centre at the Let’s Live Warmer! Booth. There will also be representatives of various non-governmental organisations operating in the construction industry, including the Latvian Structural Engineer Union, the Association of Management and Administration of Latvian Housing, the Association of Latvian Door and Window Manufacturers, and the Association of Manufacturers of Construction Materials. Experts from SIA ‘Latvijas standards’ and the Riga Energy Agency will also be available at the booth. An expert from the State Revenue Services will provide consultations on the second day of the fair, on Friday, 25 March.

House I is a leading construction industry fair in the Baltics, organised by the BT 1 international exhibition company. For more information, visit:

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Trade fair opening hours:
10:00–18:00 on 24–26 March
10:00–17:00 on 27 March

Epidemiological safety measures

The House I 2022 fair is open to adult and child guests, and does not require them to present a COVID-19 certificate. Wearing a face mask is required. For more information about entry rules, see:

Ticket prices:
Entry ticket: € 3 Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children under 18): € 8 Children under 15: free of charge You can also buy tickets online:

Car park:
On 24–26 March: 10:00—15:00, EUR 5.00; 15:00–18:00, EUR 3.00
On 27 March: 10:00—14:00, EUR 5.00; 14:00–17:00, EUR 3.00