“Poly Systems” offers seamless waterproofing materials for waterproofing and protection

SIA “Poly Systems” offers a wide range of seamless waterproofing materials for waterproofing and protection of various constructions in the Latvian market. During the exhibition, you will be able to get information about the goods, their use, to be acquainted with the objects made, to see material samples.

Poly Systems is an ALCHIMICA S.A. official factory representative and supplier of materials Hyperdesmo. Our team of professionals in solving waterproofing problems. We offer our clients to perform waterproofing work, provide advice on the installation of the HYPERDESMO system, supply materials and teach how to technically perform waterproofing work, perform technological supervision.

For many years, Hyperdesmo has been a well-known waterproofing material in Latvia and 30 years worldwide. Hyperdesmo is a good waterproofing solution for waterproofing roofs, foundations, basements, balconies, terraces, pools, water tanks. Protects metal structures from corrosion, wood and concrete structures from damage. Allows you to create pleasant decorative coatings for floors, stairs - with decorative sand, chips. Material is available in different colours.

Company is lookong forward to see you at the exhibition! 

For more information, visit www.polysystems.lv