The exhibition "House I 2020" will continue from June 12 to 14

The building industry trade fair House I 2020 has been suspended until a state of emergency is lifted in the country. Participants’ expositions have been mothballed and would be guarded so that House I 2020 could be continued as soon as is possible by adapting, if necessary, to the new requirements for holding public events. Admission tickets purchased in advance will be valid on the new event dates.

The best building materials will be showcased by Balticfloc Ltd, a manufacturer of ecowool, Bauroc, the largest producer of autoclaved aerated concrete in Northern Europe, CEWOOD, a manufacturer of eco-friendly cement bonded particleboards, PAROC rockwool solutions, VASmann, a manufacturer of polyurethane assembly foam, acrylic silicone, sealants and paints, and many other companies. There will also be a broad range of finishing materials – various types of interior and exterior doors, windows, vinyl and wood flooring, diversity of wooden, artificial stone and glass products for both finishing internal and external walls and facades. The fair will be attended by the following companies – Brodoor, Estēts, i2, Kāpņu stils, PATA kokmateriāli, Reaton and many other.

Cita Santehnika, EVA – SAT, Firma FAN, Hydra Baltic, Kerama Baltics and other companies will showcase the most energy efficient heating and most economical plumbing systems and equipment. For insulation solutions, roof materials and frames visit the AB Baltic, Borga, CEL, KONSOL Logi, Toode and Vinteko exhibition stands.

Safe and modern electrical wiring materials will be showcased by such Latvian companies as Albau, Electro Base, Haski elektro, as well as Jung Vilnius from Lithuania and an Estonian company Silmani Elekter. 

Companies like Gitana tehniskais nodrošinājums, Nordfix, Reaktīvs, Starpsienu centrs  and other will offer construction machinery and tools to purchase or rent. 

If your house is still in the planning phase, the services of architects and landscape designers provided by Geomatic and Labā māja Latvija might be very useful. 

Companies like Averto, Eko Modulis, Hansa.House, HUS.LV ECO HOUSES, Somu māja, and other will present pre-fabricated houses, modular houses and saunas will be offered by Averto, Eco Module, Hansa.House, HUS.LV ECO HOUSES, Finnish House, and others. 

Visitors will also have an opportunity to get advice on financial services (West Kredit). 

The 34th edition of the leading building industry fair in the Baltic States “House I” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. 

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