Raw materials for woodworking and furniture production from INTAR-SIJA

SIA “INTAR-SIJA” offers a wide range of materials for furniture production, door production, restoration, interior and building segments. 

In company’s product assortment you can find ARPA and FENIX HPL  for furniture, KLEIBERIT adhesives, DL-Chemicals sealants and silicone, Natural wood veneer, exotic and precious lumber, MDF and HDF boards, ICRO paints and varnishes, SFS intec high quality door hardware, TABU dyed and engineered veneers, WOCA oils and waxes for furniture and floor production, AVONITE and STUDIO COLLECTION solid surface.

SIA“INTAR-SIJA” present novelities  - SKEENS Tabu Boiserie: a new vision of the boiserie, the total redesign of the wooden surfaces to cover the walls with a thickness almost close to zero.Lightweight pre-finished wood sheets, backed with a special system that allows you to apply this new solution directly to the wall and doors, surfaces, panels: an authentic technological achievement that enhances wood, a natural and living material.

Sia “INTAR-SIJA” will help you selecting the most suitable materials.

SIA INTAR-SIJA already for more than 23 years is one of most experienced supply companies in furniture and building industry in Latvia and Baltics. Our main goal is to offer full package of solutions for furniture producers and building companies.

We constantly implement new solutions which offers best solutions for our furniture industry.

SIA “INTAR-SIJA”, the largest  veneer warehouse and sales point in Latvia, supplemented the assortment with Finnish company’s CWP environmentally friendly modified natural birch  veneers. 

CWP veneers are real wood veneers produced from birch and dyed with environmental colors. It’s a new way to use birch as interior material. 

As a general rule, CWP’s reconstituted veneers can be used creatively in the design of any products in the same way as traditional veneers. CWP colored veneer is ideal surface material for furniture and fittings, interior walls, ceilings, doors, acoustic boards etc. It’s also very well suited for form-pressing.

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