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Skola 2018 attendance continues to grow!

The 24th International Education Fair "Skola 2018" was attended by 20,752 eager visitors looking for information on the opportunities to study in Latvia and abroad. The three-day event at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre closed on 25 February.
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“Skola 2018” awaiting the young and curious!

The 24th International Education Fair "Skola 2018", 23?25 February, taking place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, will bring together thousands of young people willing to find out more about study programmes, professions and educational institutions. Adults, too, will find here useful information on various educational opportunities for themselves and their children in Latvia and abroad.
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Your guide to choosing a career – Skola 2018

Kipsala International Exhibition Centre offers the 24th International Education Fair “Skola 2018” to be held from 23–25 February. This event provides thousands of young people with comprehensive information on study opportunities and helps to pick a suitable education pathway.
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Participant news

Maastricht University offers

Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands and, with 16,300 students and 4,300 employees, is still growing. The university stands out for its innovative education model, international character and multidisciplinary approach to research and education.
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BAA Training your career in aviation guide

BAA Training is one of the leading aviation training centres in Northern Europe. It is a place where you dream career in aviation starts by choosing a right pilot, flight attendant, ground handling personnel or flight dispatcher profession. Cooperation with international universities allows getting a pilot license and bachelor degree within one study program.
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RTU Riga Business School offers

The RTU Riga Business School (RBS) was established in in 1991 in cooperation with the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA and the University of Ottawa, Canada.
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Travel biiz offers varied excursions

Travel biiz invite – learning in school is important, but also important is learning during exploring. Explore new places together with your classmates and teacher. We offer excursions with city exploring games, hiking, career excursions, Latvia 100 anniversary excursions, and graduation trips.
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AFS Latvija offers

AFS is one of the world’s most popular intercultural education organizations, an international movement for the growth and motivation of global citizens. It brings together and motivates future leaders, global citizens and promoters of change with the key 21st Century intercultural skills for effective engagement, leadership and collaboration in different cultural environments. Research-based intercultural learning tours run by trained AFS volunteers and staff are part of our international student and volunteer exchange programs.
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8ToGo is much more than just school uniform.

8ToGo is much more than just school uniform. This is the most suitable clothing for the first achievements of life!
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HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college offers

HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college offers you to get international British diploma in hospitality business management. Our educational programs are licensed and accredited not only in Latvia, but also in the UK and the US, allowing you to get two diplomas while paying only for one! The studies include a substantial "on-the-job" learning part – we provide an opportunity for each student to gain Professional work experience in the top-level hotels through out the world.
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Study the law at the leading university in Uzbekistan

Tashkent State University of Law (TSUL) is the main higher educational and scientific institution for educating, training and retraining of lawyers in the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as one of the leading universities in Central Asia. Our goal is to prepare high calibre and competitive lawyers meeting the international standards. Promoting an innovative educational environment is one of the main priorities at TSUL. Such environment allows TSUL to train new generation of lawyers with critical thinking ability, who are familiar with the modern trends in the field of law and able to organize their activities in line with requirements of the information-oriented society.
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Set yourself high goals and reach them while studying in Canada!

Set yourself high goals and reach them while studying in Canada! Among more than 10 000 programs offered in 95 Canadian universities, and 8,000 programs in 150 colleges, Canada can be your world of possibilities! Benefitting from a highly skilled and responsive staff, innovative teaching methods, modern technologies and research laboratories, well-equipped libraries, great sports centers - these are just some of the reasons to study in Canada. Imagine working in a university in Newfoundland, in a design firm in Montreal or in Whistler Ski resort….It’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity too good to miss!
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RIGA ChAIR offers

RIGA ChAIR is a Trade Mark of Riga Chair Factory. We established our factory in 1999. Since then company has became one of the major seating furniture producer in Latvia.
Product range contains children chairs, stools, conference chairs and auditorium seating.
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At the BA School of Business and Finance booth you will learn everything about internationally recognized business and financial education

If you are interested in business or financial field, then you must visit the booth of BA School of Business and Finance at the International Education Fair “Skola”, where all visitors will be able to receive answers form students and learn more about our advantages. Come and find out about the internationally recognized qualifications of BA School of Business and Finance, annual international business, marketing and accounting weeks in Latvia and abroad, the extensive study discounts system, Erasmus exchange programs, the Business Incubator, double-diploma programs with the Swiss Business School, guaranteed internship places and more.
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