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Global Horizons USA presents

Global Horizons USA is an international students’ program whose mission is to foster educational and cultural student exchange between USA and other countries of the world. We are a small organization that offers personalized service to students, host families and schools, both public and private, including private boarding schools. We take a personalized approach in the process of selecting and placing each student who joins the Global Horizons USA program. Academics is priority number one, but we also place students at schools according to their interests and talents.
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Selonia Education Australia offers education options in Australia

Selonia Education Australia offers education options in Australia. At the Education Fair SKOLA 2017 we will be offering English language courses, professional qualifications and Degrees (Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate studies) in Australian Universities.
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American University of Moldova presents

American University of Moldova, is the 1st private university in Moldova with English as primary instruction language. Our mission is to train the next generation’s leaders in social sciences, law, business and architecture. Our values are We Learn, We Travel, We Collaborate, We Develop. Our motto - NOSCE TEMET (Know Thyself), stems from our commitment to facilitating a welcoming environment for all of our students regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, race, creed or background.
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HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college offers you to get international British diploma in hospitality business management

HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college offers you to get international British diploma in hospitality business management. Our educational programs are licensed and accredited not only in Latvia, but also in the UK and the US, allowing you to get two diplomas while paying only for one!
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King’s College, The British School of Latvia at SKOLA Educational Fair 2017

In September 2017, King’s College, the British School of Latvia will open its doors in Latvia’s capital city of Riga, becoming the first British Curriculum School in the country. Founded by the international educational institution King’s Group, created in 1969, the new school will be located in the municipality of Babites, in Riga.
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Visit us and learn more how to see and act beyond borders!

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) was founded in 1998. Today, it is a top tier law school offering Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral interdisciplinary studies in law, business, finance, policy, international relations and diplomacy. RGSL offers legal education in English to students from all over the world. Studying at RGSL offers a unique blend of the global and the local in the sense that the quality of teaching is at the top international level while the attention and care given to students is very much local and individual.
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Saint-Tech presents newest Technologies for science classrooms.

In this year SIA Saint-Tech for the first time will take part in the SCHOOL exhibition. We want to show to the Teachers, School directors and students newest Technologies for science classrooms.
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Turiba University at exhibition “School 2017” will encourage everyone to act themselves and use the possibilities

At the end of February Turiba University as usual will take part at the biggest educational exhibition in Latvia- “School 2017”, which will be from 24th till 26th February in the international exhibition center “Íîpsala”. Every visitor of the exhibition will be able to meet lecturers and tutors of all faculties of Turiba University as well as students who will willingly share their study experience and will answer to all questions.
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