JUARA from Lithuania presents the French brand NOVEXPERT and cosmeceutical brand from Korea CUSKIN CU

During the exhibition, JUARA from Lithuania will present the French brand NOVEXPERT and cosmeceutical brand from Korea CUSKIN CU.During the exhibition, a 20% discount will be applied to the products. In addition, every buyer will have the chance to participate in a lottery with valuable gifts. Everybody will be available to win something.

NOVEXPERT are unique cosmeceutical skincare products with 100% natural ingredients and highly concentrated active substances. The effectiveness of the products has been clinically proven and effectiveness science-based.

At our booth, you can get acquainted with the cosmeceutical brand from Korea - CUSKIN CU, which was specially developed for aesthetic clinics and ongoing home care. The CUSKIN company, bringing together scientists, dermatologists, and the latest technologies, extracts natural components and creates new production methods, enabling the production of effective and natural cosmetics. CUSKIN has patented nine cosmetic compositions and their manufacturing methods.

UAB JUARA is looking for partners, specifically cosmetic specialists, who would like to get to know these brands better and collaborate. The exhibition is a great opportunity to personally consult with our specialists and obtain all the important information about the products.

UAB JUARA is a company with 19 years of experience that supplies the market with natural and organic cosmetics while pursuing a mission based on the philosophy of a natural lifestyle. We aim to expand the circle of skincare users who prefer products friendly to the skin by offering quality products and consultations on their benefits for skin health. Our activities are directed towards customer focus, the dissemination of information about natural and organic products, collaboration with reliable partners and suppliers. The motto of UAB JUARA is "We stand for beauty being healthy."

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