Si lashes offers at-home eyelash extension and eyelash/eyebrow lamination kits

Si lashes offers professional products, with the help of which you will get the look of extended eyelashes in a few minutes at home. You will find a variety of lash extensions ranging from classic to volume eyelashes. New product line will be launched at the exhibition - a set for laminating eyebrows and eyelashes. Only during the Baltic Beauty 2023 exhibition "Si lashes" offer a 20% discount on everything.

The offer includes lashes from classic to volume thickness, in C and D curves, 8 to 14 mm in length, as well as not only black, but also brown and colored.
If you are allergic to salon glue or remover, then Si lashes are just for you, as all products are suitable for sensitive eyes.

Si lashes is about simple beauty! The company was founded to make everyday life easier for women, saving time and money.

"Si lashes"