Lithuanian company Sintika offers Hi-tech cosmetology equipment for body shaping

Lithuanian company Sintika at the exhibition will present cosmetology equipment - shaping devices for face and body.

Special offer: Demo procedure during the exhibition of face and body for potential customers interested in the equipment.

B – Flexy hi-tech cosmetology device used for body shaping procedures. Thanks to powerful suction, vacuum is created inside the handpiece during the procedure, which in turn stimulates various levels of skin.
This pleasant procedure gives powerful natural stimulation to the entire body, perceived as every centimeter of the body “breathing easily”.

R – Sleek It is a device that uses the rotary thermocompression methodology - one of the most effective non-invasive body shape correction technologies, which has the fewest contraindications.

R – Sleek Face The device for facial massage is the latest technology in the field of rejuvenation. The technique is safe and non-invasive: it is aimed at independent production of the required amount of collagen, also smooths mimic wrinkles, improves skin tone, pulls up face oval, fights with visible age-related pigmentation, helps to disappear a second chin.