Invasive aesthetic medicine's new technology products and professional skincare products

ERKO group  in exibition Baltic Beauty 2023 offers high quality peels, mesotherapy and rejuvenation products, regenerator - rejuvenator with a filler’s effect (polynucleotide gel), universal fillers, nanoneedles and nano cannulas for aesthetic medicine, special syringes for botulinum toxin therapy allowing 100% use of the product, medical connectors, cosmetic Bio-Cellulose masks, micro-cannulas for aesthetic medicine, professional skincare products, powders for hardware procedures.

ERROMY (Germany, Italy) professional skincare products for face and neck to use by cosmetologists and individually;

BIOFORMULA (Italy) powders for hardware procedure;
MESO THREADS (Korea) CE certificate, registered in the State Agency of Medicines Republic of Latvia;
LIFTING THREADS Fiona (China), CE certificate.

Special offer: 10% discount on all BIOFORMULA products during the exhibition.

ERKO group is specialising in the training and distribution of invasive aesthetic medicine’s new technology products and procedures (cannula technique, revitalisation with plasma, PRP therapy, contour plastic, botulinum toxin therapy etc.).

ERKO group