See the fastest straight-line showdown car, the pro dragster!

Faster, higher and stronger – age-old aspirations of any competitor. In the automotive universe, there is also another key aspiration – to be the fastest on the straight line in a drag race from the starting line to the finish. Buying an Italian supercar and leaving all the other production cars in the streets behind you is nothing special. Building a racing car, or in this case a dragster, that no one can catch is quite another level of mastery.

Typical dragster is a mixture of formula car and buggy, with slightly smaller and narrower wheels in the front and huge, wide tyres in the back. If you come to Auto Exotica, you will be able to appreciate Estonian-built dragster with 5.3 litre V8 engine made in America that can generate the power of 700 HP. When you mount it on a body, the whole car will weigh 800 kilograms and give you mind-boggling acceleration to 100 km/h in mere 1.3 seconds, allowing you to reach the speed of 200 km/h just 5.4 seconds after hitting the gas. Which means that it can cover the standard drag racing distance of a quarter mile (402 m) in impressive 8.7 seconds.