Meet the incredible car guy Paul Birman and enjoy his futuristic visual artwork!

Exhibition of the 3D artist Paul Birman will take place on 19-21 April in scope of the Auto 2024 motor show, bringing famous ‘flying cars’ artist’s futuristic visual art to Ķīpsala. Side-by-side you will also be able to see the amazing cars that inspired his artwork.

Flying cars guy

Most people know Paul as the ‘flying cars’ guy. He is indeed the author of many walking and flying sci-fi cars , trains and cities. He has also design the futuristic visual artwork for the famous American talk show with Ellen DeGeneres.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is extremely popular on the US television, is a talk show where its host Ellen DeGeneres talks with global celebrities, including Pauls Birmanis, whom we all know as Paul Birman, a Latvian graphic designer who appeared on the show remotely this autumn, giving millions of viewers around the world a glimpse of his amazing stage design features.

Auto 2024 motor show is an exclusive opportunity to see Paul Birman’s inspirations all in one place and appreciate his futuristic vision of same cars from the future. There will also be a futuristic vision of famous pink Fiat Multipla that belongs to popular Latvian YouTuber Roberts Vītols.

Here are the cars that will be displayed:

Roberts Vītols and his legendary Fiat Multipla
Roberts Vītols YouTube is the most popular YouTube channel in Latvia that offers light-hearted car-related content and is quickly approaching the threshold of 100 000 followers, so subscribe ASAP if you haven’t done that so far. Roberts’ meet and greet at Auto 2024 will take place on Saturday, 20 April at 17:00 and will include subscriber lottery with Paul Birman’s special Multipla canvas as a prize.