“Summer and Winter shoes” – for Ketija Dreimane’s drift practice cars!

Ketija Dreimane is a Latvian drift car rider that rides for the BnD performance team. Riding a track car during the winter may be dangerous, hence BnD performance workshop has created a winter practice car out of BMW E36 sedan that has the same design and build features as the summer track version of BMW E36 Coupe. The drift racer herself calls both cars the Summer Shoes and Winter Shoes.

To achieve the maximum performance during winter practise sessions, winter version of BMW E36 sedan is design in a way that gives you as close summer track riding experience as possible. Moreover, Ketija’s summer car is currently being modified to meet the SemiPro standards instead of previous street-legal requirements. BMW E36 Coupe is currently being equipped with turbocharger, then it will also receive full roll cage and other upgrades.

See both cars, as well as Ketija and other drift masters, this weekend on 19-21 April at the Ķīpsala Expo Centre during the Auto 2024 motor show.