Breathtaking stunts in globe of death at the Auto 2024 in Ķīpsala!

Intense mix of emotions. Agility. Power. These are the words that come to mind when describing Cageriders motorcycle stunt show that uses the globe of death. The show that visitors of Auto 2024 will be able to see on 19-21 April. So, don’t miss out on your chance to see one of the most epic motorcycle stunt shows in the world!

Cageriders team, which consists of two Finnish stunt riders – Jarno Karanto and Sasja Laajoki – will circle the Death Drive Ball or the globe of death at the high speed right next to Auto Exotica sector of the Ķīpsala Expo Centre. The steel globe has the weight of 3 tonnes, and it consists of 24 smaller sections. Its diameter is 6 metres and it is held together by 300 bolts. Globe of death will arrive to Ķīpsala in a lorry and its assembly will take another 8 hours or more.

Riders’ focus on safety, high speed and height will make everyone’s heart drop for a moment. Both riders will simultaneously circle the globe, performing series of dangerous and breathtaking stunts where one of them rides the equator horizontally, while the other one will go up and down, circling the poles, intersecting each other’s trajectory twice every second. Tonnes of adrenaline guaranteed!

“We’d been training hard. It is also lots of adrenaline. There is always a little-bit of anxiety before the show, but it’s fun. We’ve avoided serious accidents so far. We’ve always gotten of with minor scratches,” Sasja Laajoki, on of the riders, says excitedly.

Finnish stunt riders are circling the globe of death on their Gas Gas Pampera bikes with 250cc two-stroke engine. Technically these bikes are no different from their standard edition, with a minor tweak – their suspension is extremely stiff to make sure it does not veer off track at high speeds. There is also a bit of oil added to the petrol for reduced risk of engine shutting down. Riders are exposed to similar g-force of a fighter pilot, and even the smallest mistake at a critical point can lead to a lethal disaster.

Sasja Laajoki (35) and Jarno Karanto (39), or the Cageriders, are the only globe of death riders in Finland. Sasja developed his love for motorcycles early on in his life. Laajoki and Karanto have been performing as a duo for more than five years now. This is a hobby for both stunt riders. They jokingly call it a ‘summer job’ that has brought them around Finland and many other places. They have even performed for circus. Cageriders have even been on the “Talent Suomi” show on MTV3.

Come see Cageriders show and appreciate their stunt mastery - visit Auto 2024!

19 April: 13:30–13:50
20 April: 13:00–13:30, 16:00–16:30
21 April: 12:30–13:00, 14:30–15:00

Additional information about the Auto 2024 events:

The largest motor show in Baltics
On 19-21 April, Auto 2024 motor show will bring all-new car models, mobility solutions, commercial vehicles, charging stations, dazzling hobby cars and sportscars, as well as all kinds of car tools, accessories and professional repair equipment. There will be several Latvian and Baltic reveals, including new generation of compact SUVs like Škoda Kodiaq and Volkswagen Tiguan, this year’s European Car of the Year Renault Scenic, passionate Spanish Cupra Tavascan, Czech practical Škoda Superb Combi, some premium class vehicles and also Chinese cars that are gradually seeping into the European market.
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Auto motor show is organised by BT 1 International Expo Company.

Opening hours:
19 – 20 April: 10:00–19:00
21 April 10:00–17:00

Entrance fees:
Adults: €9
Students, seniors, disabled: €6
Pupils: €4
Family ticket (2 adults +1 child under 18): €19 (+ €2 for every next child)
Ticket presales for cheaper prices until 14 April:

Parking instructions:
Ķīpsala Expo Centre parking: €5 up to 4h (+ €2 for every additional hour)
On weekend, the 20th and 21st April, visitors should use P3 parking on Matrožu iela. There will transfers to Expo Centre every 5 minutes. Moreover, the parking fee on Matrožu iela is only €3, and there is no time limit.
“Olimpia” shopping mall will also provide free parking during the motor show.