Come and check out the Estonian drag racing star White Wiking!

White Wiking, a drag racing bike made out of Suzuki Hayabusa, will be on display at the Auto 2024 on 19–21 April. It is actually even faster than the 1 600 HP Bugatti Chiron Super Sport.

With the speed of up to 312 km/h, Suzuki Hayabusa sports motorcycle quickly became one of the fastest production bikes globally when its manufacturing started in 1999. Standard model equipped with four-cylinder 1.3 litre 160HP engine can easily outdo modern urban SUVs that have both smaller engine capacity and power.

Hayabusa’s speed is tough to beat on the straight line even if you have any other powerful production bike, but we also know that everyone tries to bring their best to drag racing, with tuning that goes well beyond the standard production models. That is why Estonians have built White Wiking, custom-made Suzuki Hayabusa specifically for drag racing.